जानिए कैसे होगा आपका बिज़नेस मुरादाबाद में सबसे आगे

क्या आपका व्यापार भी बोहोत हल्का चल रहा है या फिर बड़े बाजार को target करने के लिए सही ग्राहक नही मिल रहा। लेकिन अब नहीं अब इन समस्याओं से आपको आसानी से छुटकारा मिलेगा, और ध्यान होगा पूरा तरक्की पे। इसलिए हम लाए है आपके लिए FREE Business Advisory आपके बिजनेस की समस्याओं को मिंटो में सॉल्व करने के लिए। आबेदन करने के लिए निचे दिया हुआ फॉर्म भरे।

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From an event, they Scan QR.


Shift to an automated reply and directed them to send a code.

Now, get the data and convert them into the regular customer.

How do we create infrastructure for a Business?

Selling a thing in the market is ok, but when retargeting the audience or making the mindset via feeding your product in your audience’s mind is different. So, to target in such a way, diginext build an infrastructure. Let’s have a look at that, for a restaurant,

Step 1:- A strategic stand menu showcased mouthwatering deals, igniting curiosity and appetites alike with interesting coupons placed in an event where the guests enjoyed their meal and scanned that code for their sake of interest.

Step 2:- On scanning, they are redirected to Whatsapp API and got a warm greeting and clear instructions for the next step.

Step 3:- Once the user entered and wrote the selected code, their data is fed to Whatsapp API.

Step 4: The fed data is further used to retarget the guests and convert them into regular restaurant users, and the coupons are the bonus points for the guests.

This innovative approach set the stage for a personalized marketing strategy to foster a sense of connection and convenience for the audience.

How to Build brand authorisation

Ranking On top in Local area


Visible in top 10 in all Over India

Google my business Optimization

Building Brand in fixed time

With great neeche competition, well-established footprints, and brand-authorized competitors, the High Creation Interior still rolls out like a trendy ball. What a teamwork Diginext Moradabad did for branding, business, and income within a fixed time limit. Let’s explore the whole tactic in a few steps.

Step 1: Work on their visibility: If you are not visible, you are not even in competition. So, diginext works to increase its visibility on the Google search engine.

Step 2:- Visibility needs authorization:- For authority building, a brand needs multiple platforms to trust the audience for their reliability and presentation, hence, for High Creation we use various platforms. 

Step 3: Optimization of Search Engine: Organic content is the key, and Digiext moradabad holds that key for creating valuable and trustworthy content. As a digital marketing agency, we know the current trend of SEO and optimize the page accordingly.

Step 4: GMB Performance: GMB performance is very valuable; why? If you are not ranking in a local area, then how can you rank worldwide? 

Step 5: Time to Create Brand Value: Brand value means your valuable presence in every important place, like social media, Search engines, and so on. Your overall brand presence on different platforms with valuable content and the right placement will boost your brand value.

Step 6: The Paid ads: Of course, having quantitative and qualitative leads is very important, and Diginext successfully generated Best Quality leads which are mostly converted and handsome  quantitative business from the paid ads. 

Step 7: Conversion Game: Conversion is the main key of your investment, like how much you invest and what the return is. For High Creation, it was a 70-80% conversion rate with very effective performance.

So, this is how we and our team work to turn a business into a brand within a fixed time limit.

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