Your Complete WhatsApp Marketing Platform

Businesses drive 25-60% Revenues using Diginext WhatsApp API Platform

Personalize communication and sell more with the WhatsApp Business API platform that automates marketing, sales, service and support.

Choose the Diginext Advantage

Use Diginext to engage your prospects through the WhatsApp Business API.

Break engagement barriers

Engage using WhatsApp and improve response rates over email, SMS and in-app messaging and campaigning.

A better way to upscale

Upscale with multiple users on one single number and get a better return on investment than alternative WhatsApp BSPs.

Communicate at scale efficiently

Easily start and manage conversations with thousands of customers and prospects through automation, chatbots and custom workflows.

Multiple channels ‎in one

Nurture leads from Facebook and Instagram and increase ROI 10x by funneling your leads to WhatsApp.



  • Push out your campaigns and engage with high response WhatsApp messages.
  • Tag contacts, categorize and target them in groups using personalized communications.
  • Build and nurture the relationships that generate future sales by engaging with your audiences regularly on WhatsApp.


  • Create no-code chatbots to provide instant responses to common requests.
  • Simplify mass communication and personalized responses with automated tools.
  • Boost sales by directly converting more customer communications on WhatsApp.

Shared Team Inbox

  • Share the Diginext inbox across your team and provide stellar support on WhatsApp.
  • Use pre-built integrations to bring in customer context in a few clicks.
  • Push post sales communications such as order updates, and resolve support requests quickly through WhatsApp.

Why Choose WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is the One Platform that brings together Actionable Notifications & Customer Support! 

98% Open Rates

45-60% Click Rates

2 Bn+ Users

Your Customers are on WhatsApp! Are You?